Monday, November 12, 2007

Online Genealogy Conference - Saturday Nov 17th

I wanted to get the announcement out for anyone who would like to "attend" a FREE "webinar" or online interactive conference of "Family History Live Online". You should Register (free) as soon as possible so you can receive information on downloading their "Viewer" and content information before Saturday, and getting further instructions (access code) on how to sign in on Saturday. You can type in questions for the speakers - it is all live -- that's why it's so early in Hawaii! Oh yes, you need to have speakers on your computer...most of us do. It's a genealogy conference you can attend from home!

The fair starts at 9am Mountain Time, or 6am Hawaii Time.
-At 6:15 am Hawaii Time there is a presentation about, by Justin Schroepfer
- and later at 7:30am Hawaii time another presentation on Writing Family Histories and researching diaries, journals and letters, by Barry Ewell." They have a meal break, then another program followed by a "genealogy jam session." You can enter the online conference at any time on Saturday between 6am and 1pm Hawaii time. I attended one of these early in the year and thought it was excellent.
The program for this year is listed below, along with their Announcement.

Register now at their website:

"Remembering Our Ancestors"

free Family History Fair

November 17 - Saturday

Between 6 am and 1 pm Hawaii Time -

This fair is for anyone involved in Family History Research and Genealogy. If you would like to attend this fair, please become a member by providing name, password and e-mail address through this website. Membership is FREE. Once you sign up as a member, you will receive instructions how to download the necessary software (which is also free).

Register to allow time for you to receive software download instructions and the necessary Content ID and Access Codes by e-mail. If you miss registering by Wednesday, Nov 14th, you can even TRY to do it up to, and including, Saturday.

Content will be available for download on Wednesday November 14, 2007 (this includes any handouts and other information specific to this Fair) You'll be emailed an ID number to get this content (a syllabus) between Wednesday and Saturday.

6:00 AM - (Hawaii time) Welcome - Gena Philibert Ortega
6:15 AM - Using - Justin Schroepfer

7:15 AM - BREAK
7:30 AM - Diaries, Journals, Letters of our Ancestors: A Window to Better Research and Writing Family Histories - Barry Ewell
8:30 AM - Using FHLO Family History Live Online- Tex Crawford
8:45 AM - LUNCH
(or breakfast for Hawaii people!)

9:50 PM - Welcome back- Gena Philibert Ortega
10:00 PM - Technology of the Live Online Seminar - Stilman George
11:00 PM - End of Fair
11:15 PM - to 1:00 PM Genealogy Jam

The mission statement of Family History Live Online is divided into three concepts as follows:

We provide live online services to assist individuals of all ages with genealogy, research tools and family history techniques. We strive to design programs that are easy to use, enjoyable to participate in and work on a home PC. We offer individual support, mentoring, group live online discussions and a forum for legitimate companies to offer their products and services.

We help professional genealogists and family history research instructors share their knowledge with the world in exciting ways and expand their income potential while reducing their expenses.

We encourage quality organizations to expand their influence by offering links and notices to our subscribers and live online community sessions that showcase their individual capabilities.


Donna Hague Wendt said...

Tomorrow, Sat Nov 17th, is the online conference "Remembering Our Ancestors". You probably still have time to get registered, even though they would have like you to register by last Wednesday. The "content" that you can (or may not) download is a five page syllabus from the 7:30am speaker Barry J. Ewell - on writing family histories. It's nicely done in outline form. The 10am speaker is still listed as TBA, so might be something unexpectedly good! Hope you can all drop in on the conference at some time during the morning :-)

Donna Hague Wendt said...

I actually arose at 6am to attend this free online conference. I could have just dropped in later, but I wanted the hear/see it all. They even spotlighted our blog - yes, this very blog. Interesting technology and information. I took notes.