Monday, November 12, 2007

World Vital Records -- Preserve your film, photos, slides, etc.

Stan Jones sent me an e-mail about World Vital Records and their newest offering - a fee service for:
  • Converting 8mm, 16mm, miniDVs, and VHS tapes to a DVD
  • Scanning photos and documents
  • Digitizing slides and negatives
  • Secure storage filing
Here is the link to

It's a great website and company. I've mentioned it before, but bears repeating. I bookmarked it long ago on my iGoogle page so I can go to it every few days and see what new free databases I can search. WorldVitalRecords also has a free e-mail newsletter you can sign up for. Their new monthly membership dues for their restricted data, etc is $5.95/mo; or $49.95/yr, or $79.95/2 years. I know their are adding new things daily.

Regarding the preservation of movies. I took all my Dad's 8mm movies, to transfer to DVD, to "
Affordable Image Transfers" in Kaneohe -- 46-012 Alaloa St. Ph 236-4445. I wanted them to be done locally, and found this company does a great job. (These are the people that did Kathy DeFoster's movie transfers). However there are other companies in Honolulu that do transfers.

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Donna Hague Wendt said...

The Library of Congress has a category on their website that deals with digital preservation. It has information on the digital media we use today to preserve important photos, documents, etc. They have video, video transcripts, text and other ways to access the wealth of information that the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) has to offer.
-- Donna