Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top 500 English Websites and our Blog

1) I have a power point presentation ready for Saturday's HCGS meeting. It is about Blogs: how to use a Google Reader to receive blog postings automatically, and how to make comments on this blog. There might be a couple surprises in the program.

2) Also, I was reading a post of Dick Eastman that appeared on my iGoogle Homepage "Google Reader." -- His "Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter" blog. Dick mentions a wonderful site that consolidates the best 500 websites for English research. Here is his story:

"Need help finding your English ancestors online? A group of professional genealogists in Salt Lake City recently released a list of its 500+ favorite English websites used to solve family history riddles titled Expert Links: English Family History and Genealogy. The site is available for free to the public.

Price & Associates, Inc. is a team of professional genealogists. The company has now produced an exhaustive list of web links, divided into categories such as baptism, marriage, and burial indexes, occupations, religious sources, military records, and emigration lists to name a few. Most links lead to databases nationwide or countywide in scope. Sites requiring fees are distinguished by color.

Expert Links has received praise from around the globe for its comprehensiveness and sleek design. Simon Fowler, blogger for The National Archives’ Ancestors Magazine in London, recently named Expert Links his “Website of the Week.” You can view Price & Associates' list of links at ."

See you Jan 12th at Manoa Gardens for our Genealogy Meeting... bring a brown bag lunch or chip in to order pizza if you desire. Also bring ideas for future presentations that you might like to see or to give yourself.
Aloha, Donna

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Jan Everly said...

Great presentation, Donna! Now I need to figure out how to add a reader to my homemade homepage.