Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jan Meeting; Biography Challenge

We had a very interesting (I think) meeting Saturday, Jan 12th. Besides the election of officers I discussed our new Honolulu County Genealogical Society Blog. Using Tom's laptop and projector I explained how I have made reading blogs very easy, free, and timely with the internet. Using a power point presentation I explained downloading a Firefox web browser, opening a Google Account, customizing an iGoogle homepage, and adding the gadget "Google Reader' to the homepage. How to make a comment on any of our Blog postings was also discussed. I hope that our members will find our blog, whether through a blog reader or visiting the site periodically:

A brief Biography Challenge has been issued to our society (by me:-)) ... and that is for everyone to compose a biography about their mother or father, a grandparent, or uncle, even themselves, and write it on one page. Then one should volunteer to read it at one of our meetings. I do this in the hopes that we procrastinators will finally get something down on paper besides a date, or place, to describe life in our families, especially those lives that we knew. If you have images or pictures, I can project them when you read your story. I can also put the story on this blog if you agree (see the last blog Jan 12, 2008). Harriet Hoffman read what she'd composed about her great-great grandfather who lived in Germany, his portrait had been hung for many years on her wall at home. I think that by her telling us briefly about her GGGrandfather, we all learned a little bit. The volunteer or the February meeting is Bob Stevens, and Stan Jones volunteered for the March meeting. Such great members we have!

We ended the meeting with "delivery pizza" and other refreshments brought in by members. It was delicious! There was plenty of time to "talk story" with each other at this meeting.

Besides the meeting, I want to mention the excellent new PBS television series (Channel 10 on cable) entitled "The Jewish Americans." It is three parts and last Wednesday I saw "They Came to Stay; A World of Their Own" the first two-hour segment about immigration from about 1650 to about 1900. This Wednesday, Jan. 16th at 9 pm the second segment will be aired "The Best of Times, The Worst of Times." The last segment "Home" should be aired Jan 23rd. Steve Danko describes it in his blog at

Love to hear from any of you reading this. Click on the "Comment" link below. Thanks, Donna Hague Wendt


Kathy Martin-Yeager said...

Hi Donna, Just got home again. This a test only.
Aloha, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
I enjoyed the presentation very much. Very informative! The pizza was also a good idea. I think we should do it often. One of the reasons we attend the meetings is for the society. Just look how long it takes to get a meeting started. The first 20 minutes are spent talking to each other. So occasionally we should have pizza and society meetings where we just eat and exchange ideas.
Bobby Stevens

Bobby said...

HI Bloggers,
I just set up my personal GooGoo page using Donna's instructions. Now I have the blog address at my fingertips. It was a very easy thing to do. Problem is, there are SO MANY widgets to select from. What to do, what to do?
Bobby Stevens


Hi, Donna,

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