Monday, May 5, 2008

Genealogy at Hawaii Plantation Village

The day at Hawaii Plantation Village was a big genealogy and cultural success. Our HCGS had a table at the event, in the old Social/Union Hall - vintage 1920's. After a parade of the various plantation cultures many people came into the Genealogy Societies area and our group was busy helping people get started in tracing their family roots. Many happy faces resulted. Fran got many of them started at her table then they passed down to the table with laptops connected to the internet for searching on the web. Tom and Lenore had their laptops and they had a printer there too, printing up census pages. Also there were Martha, Donna and Harriet. Alan stopped by as did Stan & Roberta. (photo at right of HCGS members by Alan Toft). The other societies in the building had lots of information to share. We sent one teenager over to the Portuguese table and he was very happy that his family was well documented in their database. Other ethnic groups included the Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Japanese, Okinawans, Korean, Philippine, Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders.

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