Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Party


The Honolulu Co Genealogy Society met on a beautiful Sunday for a delicious Christmas brunch at the Officers' Club at Hickam Air Force Base at Pearl Harbor. This on the anniversary of the bombing of the Harbor. With the club on the channel going into the Harbor we had to remember the chaos and tragedy on that "infamous" day in 1941. Especially interesting to see a submarine slide past the vantage point.

We wait all year for this opportunity to socialize, eat great food, and partake of the entertaining gift exchange, and all our high expectations were met. Thanks to Jim Deutch for arranging the whole thing (see photo above).

Below are some photos from the day as we eat and chose Christmas presents. As is the custom, if the person picking out a gift desires the gift someone else opened, he/she can take that opened gift and the person left empty handed, can then choose another gift for either under the tree - or "steal" one from someone else.

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