Saturday, December 5, 2009

What is a blog?

Just a shout out to commend the California Genealogical Society & Library of Oakland for their wonderful blog produced by Kathryn Doyle.  Recently Kathryn Doyle discussed in her blog ( for the California Genealogical Society on Dec 4, 2009, that “Amy Coffin of WeTree blog featured the CGSL blog in her article Should Your Genealogical Society Have a Blog?  She summed up the blog-website relationship perfectly: Blogs are websites. Websites aren't always blogs. A genealogy society's web page is like a store window. It highlights the group's value, hopefully enticing visitors to walk through the virtual door and explore the site. A blog is like a genealogy society's in-store sale circular. It is a good communication tool for the latest information and quickly changing details. A genealogy society's web page serves one purpose and a blog another. “ Happy Birthday to Kathryn’s blog – she has done a wonderful job promoting her large society.


Amy Coffin said...

Hi! Thanks for the mention of my article. I just added your blog to my Google Reader and look forward to reading more about your society.

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd been there on Saturday.

Happy Xmas & New Year

It's cold here!!

Best wishes

Alan Toft
North Vancouver Bc

Kathryn Doyle said...

Hi Donna,
Thank you so much for the blog wishes! I've added your blog to my reader as well. I'll be starting a new gen-society blog carnival in January and I hope you will become a regular participant. I think that we can learn so much from one another. (Now please send some warmth our way - it's cold here too!)