Friday, December 17, 2010

Jan 8, 2011 Meeting of HCGS

The meeting of the HCGS for January was held Saturday, January 8th 2011.   General genealogical information was discussed, along with proposing future Society presnetations.  The election of the Board of Directors for 2011 and selection of officers was held.   Continuing officers are:   President  Bob Stevens, V.P. Tom Bopp, Treasurer Harriet Hoffman, Secretary Martha Reamy. Board members are: Donna Wendt, Lenore Hansen, and Kathy Hudson (new).   Refreshments were brought by Martha and Lenore.  After the meeting eight members re-assembled at the Waioli Tea Room for brunch (see photo). 
Waioli Tea Room - after the meeting
L-R:  Bill Miller, Harriet Hoffman, Pat Brown, Kathy Hudson
Lenore Hansen, Martha Reamy, Donna Wendt, Bob Stevens

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