Friday, September 7, 2012

HCGS Meeting 8 Sep 2012 "Digital Images: Scan, Edit, Preserve"

        The meeting of the Honolulu County Genealogical Society of Sep 8th 2012 met at the Manoa Gardens Community Room, at 9 am.  Donna Wendt presented the main topic concerning photo use in genealogy, the technical aspects. An audio/visual presentation entitled "Digital Images: Scanning, Editing and Preserving Your Photos"  was shown from a Legacy Webinar by Geoff Rasmussen.  In addition, two types of scanners were exhibited:  the "ImageBox Standalone" for slides and film strips, and the "FlipPal Mobile Scanner" for large items, to take to libraries, and for travel.  Digital cameras with a tripod can also be used to take excellent photo images of heirlooms or documents.  Photo editing software was discussed including PhotoShop Elements and the free Paint.Net.
Donna Wendt and Tom Bopp
     Louise Chung presented an interesting and amusing biography of her colorful great-grandfather, Frank W. Woolley of Oregon.
Louise Chung
Church in Oregon where Frank Woolley was born

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