Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HCGS April 12th meeting - Preserving Memories

Honolulu County Genealogy Society --
   The meeting met at 9am Saturday April 12th, 2014  at the Manoa Gardens Housing community room, as usual, 2790-9 Kahaloa Dr., Honolulu, Hawaii.
    The main topic and presentation was PRESERVING MEMORIES.  All members were requested to bring an item or two that relate to a family memory.

Linda DuBee spoke about the website "Saving Memories Forever"
Bea Oates presented a "Five Minute Biography" about her mother's brother, Uncle Herbert Greunke "My Uncle Herb Who Could Have Been Famous Instead Chose not To Be."  He was born 1917 and died 2009, buried in Ellison, Lucas county, Ohio.  He was an Air Force veteran and choir director at his Lutheran Church for 62 years.

Bea Oates
Faith Burgwinkel gave a presentation that she has shown to her family to inspire them to be a part of researching the family and contributing towards creating stories and finding data about their ancestors, and preserving them in an appealing format.

Faith Burgwinkel

Jim Deutch and Ann Sloat brought some of their family treasures that were in need of preservation:
Jim Deutch

Ann Sloat

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