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HCGS Meeting June 14, 2014 - Hawaii State Archives

The June 14, 2014 meeting of the Honolulu County Genealogical Society met at 9 am, at the Manoa Gardens Housing community room, 2790-9 Kahaloa Dr., Honolulu, Hawaii to learn about the Hawaii State Archives.

  Hawaii State Archives Presentation Summary Report,  by Mona Morris, HCGS Member
  On Saturday June 14th our guest speakers from the Hawaii State Archives were Gina Vegara
Bautista and Jun Sun Yi Research Archivists and experts in genealogical research.
  They commenced with a historical overview of the archives. Noting how a visitor to the islands
met the king and discussed the preservation of documents pertaining to many areas denoted by
property ownership, people, places and things. Hawaii had one of the first government building 
specifically built to house the vital statistic data collected in the United States.
   Records in the archives differ from other organizations because they are exclusively government
 files.  Ms. Vegara-Bautista mentioned there were too many significant dates to quote. Pre-1778 
there were no written records concerning Hawaii. In 1820 more documentation began with the 
arrival of missionaries.  The Hawaiian language became a written language in 1822 and in 1840
the Constitutional Government was formed.
    The archives are divided into divisions, according to vital statistic records marriage, birth and
 death. It provides the sources for obituaries, will, probates, royal probates and 
 cemetery/indexes and records.
Death Records index
    They have information on Immigration and Citizenship Records which includes ship
passenger manifests arriving from 1900-1921. The extent to the resources available spans 
    Lastly, the Census Records date from 1866-1896 which covers the main islands.
    It is important to note that you will need to sign out any and all materials at the circulation desk.
    The material is maintained, organized and distributed be an archival employee. Be prepared
when researching to provide as much information about your research to effectively expedite your
search. Paid parking is available on the Iolani Palace grounds for two hours limit. Xeroxing is
available at a minimal charge and follows the copy right policy.
    Before the end of their presentation a brochure of "Genealogy Resources At The Hawaii State Archives" was provided. 

  - photos provided by Harriet Hoffman

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