Saturday, July 16, 2016

HCGS Meeting Aug 13, 2016 "Grandpa Can You Hear Me?"

The meeting of the Honolulu County Genealogical Society will be Saturday August 13th, 2016 at the Keola Hoʻonanea Senior Housing at 1465 Aʻala St., Honolulu 96817, at 9 am.
     The presentation is "Grandpa Can You Hear Me".
                                               by Harriet "Hart" Hoffman

     How you find your ancestors that died before you were born and get to know them.   Harriet Goodman Hoffman's grandfather, Joseph J Goodman, died before she was born. The family never talked about him. She knew nothing about him. In fact, his real surname was Chernoff. He had adopted an alias.   Harriet will take you on the remarkable journey of research and discovery which includes genealogical technique. After finding her grandfather and the remarkable book he wrote and published in 1919 she was encouraged to republish his book, edited and appended by her.    You will be entertained, enlightened and inspired with this presentation. It is an opportunity not to be missed!


 The Keola Hoʻonanea Senior Housing at 1465 Aʻala St., high rise is centrally located between N School St and N Vineyard St. and between Liliha St and Nuuanu Ave.  It’s across the river (Nuuanu Steam) from Foster Botanical Garden and next to the H1.   It’s a seven-minute walk from the bus stop on Liliha Street and Vineyard.  
    There is free on-street parking on A’ala or on Vineyard.  Car-pooling is a good idea, and arrive early to find somewhere to park.   There is a loading area by the door.  The entrance to the meeting room is on the ground level, in the back.   A handicap parking space may be available.

 The meeting starts at 9am.   Plan on arriving at 8:30 am, if you can, to find your way and to get parking. Help may be needed to set up the meeting room. 

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