Sunday, November 11, 2007

HCGS Meeting 10 Nov 07

Yesterday we had quite a turnout for the Bopp's presentation on "Pros & Cons associated with the free DNA test at Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) - the former BYU project" With a crowd of about 30 listening to the excellent presentation, about 1/3 of those attending decided to go with the free DNA mouthwash test and have Tom and Georgia send the samples in to SMGF. Thanks for all the work that went in to the multimedia presentation. I know it was difficult to try to cover all the information.

Martha brings books and publications to each meeting that are free or require at least a $2 donation for anyone to take home. The money gained goes into our treasury. So if you are looking for a genealogy bargain, or have any genealogy related publications that you are ready to part with, bring it to a meeting for the "book table."

After the meeting, at the optional lunch, we had two full tables at the Tree Tops buffet restaurant. With all you can eat, no reservations needed, and the ability to seat as many as decide to go, the $13 brunch is quite reasonable. The management there is also very nice and allow the Board of Directors to have their quarterly board meetings there after eating - so the space is really appreciated.

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shinob12 said...

Aloha Gang,

I'm planning to build my own website (or blog)and I would like some of your experience and input.

One of my projects is explaining Asian DNA genetic markers to people unfamiliar with genetics, haplogroups, MtDNA or the smgf project.

Regarding DNA genealogy markers: Does anyone know which markers manifest themselves physically--phenotype characteristics--and which ones are merely "hidden" genotype proteins?

Appreciate the kokua,


shinob12 said...
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