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The 36th edition of Genealogy Carnival
is a group of articles that have been submitted to one blog. Go to “Creative Gene”s blog and read some of those interesting genealogy related articles that you can peruse and then click on the links there (or here) to get to the original blog article. It’s also interesting to see what others are doing with their blogs. The Future of Genealogy - My Turn ; Technology: Any "Early Adopters" In Your Family Tree? ; Apple's Tree: Uncertain Future ; Our Name in History: A Review ; Loving Genealogy...For Over 30 Years! ; The Oracle of OMcHodoy: The Disappearing Doyles ; Jessica's Genejournal: One Puzzle Piece I Would Like to Solve ; I Am My Own - Well Not Quite .... ; Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan ; The Sturdy Little Red Wagon ; Rooms of My Heart: Family Reunion ; I Think I Might Have Killed My Father ; Hog Killing at Parham ; On the Menu: Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner and others.

Here is what Creative Gene has to say as introduction: “Welcome to the November 18, 2007 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. This is a "carousel" edition which means that there is no specific theme. It's a kaleidoscope of colorful articles that I know you'll enjoy. We have several first-time participants this time around, welcome! If the weather in your neck of the woods is as dreary and raw as it is here in Detroit, pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee, grab a sweet and sticky cinnamon bun, and indulge your senses in good reading, good eating, and a good dose of caffeine to sustain you! Twenty-six authors, thirty-one articles. Come on... let's get on with the ride!


Online Searchable DEATH INDEXES & Records – A Genealogy Guide

This website is a directory of online death indexes listed by state and county. Included are death records, death certificate indexes, death notices & registers, obituaries, probate indexes, and cemetery & burial records. You can also find information here about searching the Social Security Death Index online. Select a state or big city (Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City:-)

SNAP GENIE - - narrate or talk about your pictures that are online - free’s great free site and tool available at is worth a mention here. Especially with the family oriented holidays coming up. I’ve used it and found it amazing for everyone involved in narrating some photos or hearing the narration about the photos. Maureen Taylor wrote about it back in February 2007. Click here for Maureen’s explanation and example = SnapGenie . SnapGenie allows you to create a photo show with narration that you record over the phone.

It's very simple to use, and best of all--free. This is direct to the snapgenie websete:


Kip's List rivals Cyndi's List

There is a new Portal of Family History Websites –which I’ll call “Kip Sperry’s A to Z Website Lists” Creator, Kip Sperry, said “I have posted a listing of commonly used family history websites alphabetically arranged from A to Z. will be helpful to family history instructors, students, genealogists, and librarians as a quick listing of popular sites. I would call Kips website an alphabetical version of the famous Cyndi’s List which groups genealogy links by category.

Cyndi founded the popular Cyndislist with 268,000 links to genealogy related websites. You can also see the real Cyndi Howells in an interview with Dick Eastman while onboard ship on a recent genealogy cruise. To see this interview go to - and search for the 8:54 min video title called “Cyndi’s List”



Stan belongs to an Irish research e-mail list, which you can subscribe to at the Irish Family History Foundation website Here is the type of information you can be provided if you subscribe to their e-mail list:

“The Irish Genealogical Online Record Search System (ORS) is a national initiative organized by the Irish Family History Foundation which co-ordinates and represents the county based genealogical centres on the island of Ireland. Over the coming months the records of other centres will become available firstly as individual county databases, and then these will be amalgamated into one Irish records database which will allow searching across all counties and sources. " We are pleased to announce the availability of the records of the Dun Laoghaire all Heritage Centre covering South County Dublin. This adds another 160,000 baptismal, birth, death and marriage records that can be searched and purchased online. Just go to our website at and login using your existing Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF) login details or register as a new user.” At their website you can see an impressive list of links connected to Irish research, and Irish maps -dw

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Jasia said...

Thanks for promoting the Carnival of Genealogy! I encourage all your readers to stop by and visit and consider contributing an article to a future edition of the COG.



Terry Thornton said...

Best wishes on continued success for your experimental blog, HCGS.

I hope that your members will post their recollections (History, Observations, Genealogy, and Stories) on HCGS Blog.

Thanks for the link to my article, Hog Killing in Parham at HCGS.

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi USA

Donna said...

Stan makes a comment on Irish online research from
the Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) who announce the availability of the records of Kildare Genealogy covering the county of Kildare. This adds almost another 1/4 million baptismal, marriage, and death records that can be searched and purchased online.
Go to

Donna Hague Wendt said...

From Dick Eastman's Blog:
After a several year project by the National Archives of Ireland, in partnership with Libraries and Archives Canada, anyone may now search the 1911 census of Ireland by first or family name. The site contains the digital equivalent of 4,000 reels of microfilm and 3.5 million images. It currently holds records for Dublin only, but project organisers plan to add the rest of the country, as well as details of the 1901 census, next year.

Each entry includes a person's education, religion, profession and place of birth. A category for "children still living" suggests some astonishing child mortality rates. Another column asks people, in the jargon du jour, if they are "deaf and dumb; dumb only; blind; imbecile or idiot; or lunatic." You can read more about the records at

The online version includes both a transcription as well as scanned images of each page. You can search the transcriptions for names, then click on a link to see the original image."