Friday, June 20, 2008

20 June 2008 Free Webinars

I missed the June meeting of the Genealogy Society, but hopefully I'll get someone's notes to add information here.
Of interest that I found in the "AncestryWeeklyJournal" from was information on the free "Webinars" available at the
Their upcoming free webinars are:

--17 June 2008, Irish Ancestry (just missed it)
--24 June 2008, Polish Ancestry
--01 July 2008, Italian Ancestry
--08 July 2008, German Ancestry

And the old ones available to view that have been archived are:
--New Enhancements to FTM 2008
--English Ancestry
--Introduction to Family Trees on Ancestry
--Family Tree Maker 2008
--Search Like The Pros

These webinars are a fun way to learn, and if you participate on the actual date/time of the live webinar you can participate in it.

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