Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mini-Biography Challenge: Melvin H. "Tom" Eggers

Just catching up on January's mini-biography challenge that Tom Bopp presented Feb 14th...

Tom spoke, with a power point back up, about his Grandfather, Martin H. "Tom" Eggers, born 18 Feb 1894 in Farrar, Perry Co., Missouri. He lived almost 92 years there. See the photo of baby Martin or "Tom" and his big family in Farrar. This 1895 photo is of the family of Henry Eggers, Grandpa Tom's father.

Perry County, Missori was the area was where many Saxons (from Germany) emigrated to (1839) and founded today's Missouri Synod of the Luthern Church. Language in Grandpa "Tom's" home was German, and their church didn't begin services in English until the 1950s.

"Grandpa Tom" was apart of "Eggers & Co." from 1920 to 1966, and was the Postmaster from 1929 until 1959.

Of the many memories Tom Bopp has of "Grandpa Tom", two stand out:

1) " His appearance did not seem to change much as he aged. Photos showing him holding me in 1942 look almost the same as the 1977 photo of him playing with my son."

2) He was 'way ahead of his time, arranging for his daughters to attend high school in Perryville, Missouri, even though they had to pay rent and live away from home. " See the photo of Tom Bopp's mom playing basketball at that distant high school. Tom says that he thinks of this as "Title Neun" or a precursor to Title IX of today - (I think this has a special meaning to today's educators. )

Coming Attractions at the Honolulu County Genealogical Society on April 11th:
Member, Ann Sloat, will present a mini-biography of her grandmother Sarah Sweeley:
Born: 18 April 1888 Lodi, Clay Co., South Dakota --- Died: 19 Feb 1975, Los Angeles, California
Teacher, supreme story teller, determined survivor, chin up optimist.
She sounds like a wonderful woman to learn about!

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