Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scottish Festival

Kathy DeFoster Hudson spearheaded the very successful genealogy tables at Honolulu's 28th annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games, which is a celebration of the heritage and history of the Scots, put on by the Hawaiian Scottish Association at Kapiolani Park. For 7 hours on Apr 4-5, Kathy fielded questions on genealogy of all types at three tables, aided by friends and/or volunteers from the Honolulu County Genealogical Society, including Donna Wendt, Christine Absher, Joann Henely, Karen Sutherland-Pahia, and Don. Richard Souther had an additional two tables to spread the genealogical word, with a speciality in Hawaiian genealogy.

Many spectators came by to look and ask questions, including tourists that happened by the festive scene. Many of the table visitors were dressed in traditional kilts and even some in armor. Various Scottish Clans were represented under the big tent, including the Wallaces and Grants and Campbells.

An adjoining big-top tent had live performances of Scottish music, while the gazebo became the stage for the opening ceremonies with local television personality Dr. Brady singing the US and Hawaii Anthems. A Marine color guard lead the procession around the area. Scottish dance competition, the Highland games and medieval challengers added fun and variety to the day, while many food tents served up great food from Whiskey cake to Haggis. All this was in typical beautiful Hawaii weather, but just a bit windy. Diamond Head was in the background, and the Pacific ocean was within a stone's (of the Scottish Hammer's) throw of the Festival.

Thanks, Kathy, for such a fine job.

Photos of Saturday are shown here.

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