Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oahu Cemetery Tour

We had a wonderful tour of historic Oahu Cemetery in Honolulu, given by Nanette Napoleon, today. Nine people were able to attend. Special thanks to members who gave "a little extra" to make this interesting experience happen: Lenore Hansen, Alan Toft,, Bobby Stevens and Louise Chung. I won the "door prize" of the book Nanette Napoleon has written about the cemetery, by answering a couple questions at the end of the tour. The final question, was: "Exactly where is Elvis Presley buried?" I knew the answer from a visit many years ago: "Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee."

We saw lots of interesting styles of graves and grave markers. Also various family, fraternal, and military plots.

Donna Wendt

Note in the photos below:
--The Hawaii Historic Marker outside the Cemetery on Nuuanu Ave.
--Nanette talking in front of King Kamehameha's cannon which was donated to mark off the plot for US Civil War veterans who are buried there.
--Nanette trying to find worn letters in the volcanic stone marker for one of Harry's ancestors who is buried in this very old plot - (I believe through the Campbell family?)
--Nanette pointing to some interesting cemetery memorials as we walked along.
--Nanette telling us about this US Veteran's area of the Navy, where many are buried who died at Pearl Harbor in Dec 1941 from the Japanese attack.
--At the grave of Elizabeth Pratt (a Hawaiian) and her husband
--Close up of the headstone of High Chieftess, Elizabeth Pratt, longest Royal survivor - with very old image photographed on a porcelan piece in modern headstone.
---1886 Tombstone of Edwin Oakley, from England, with interesting "dagger piercing a heart." Said to be a symbol for "Redemption." Probably put on his stone because he had committed suicide.

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