Friday, July 17, 2009

Frima Riva Shatz grandmother of Jim Deutch

At the HCGS Meeting of May 9th, Jim Deutch spoke about his grandmother, Frima Riva Shatz for a "Mini-Biography." Here is a summary of his talk.
**********Biography of Frima Riva Shatz ******

The following information is based upon family legend and "best guess" reasoning. All dates given are approximate.

Frima Riva SHATZ was my grandmother. She was born in 1881 in the Ukraine town of Ostropol. She was the 6th child of Mordechi and Fayga GLATZER SHATZ. In 1899 she married Isriel Polishuk from the near-by village of Vorobiivka. My great uncle Morris, Isriel's brother, said when he first met his brother's fiancé, she was so beautiful and had such a breathtaking personality, he fell in love with her. However, he could not pursue his heart because she was his brother's betrothed.

Frima Riva and Isriel's first child, Goldie, was born the following year, 1900. She was followed in 1902 by William, in 1904 by Betty, and in 1906 by Dorothy. During a typhoid epidemic, Frima Riva nursed her extended family back to health, only to come down with the disease, herself. She died in 1909. In 1907, prior to the epidemic, her husband, Isriel, had gone to the United States to earn money to bring his family to America. Following her mother's death, Goldie, the oldest daughter, became so despondent that she, too, died "of a broken heart." The family came to America in 1910. Frima Riva's last child, Dorothy, was my mother.

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