Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 HCGS meetings

I missed the January 9th, 2010 meeting which was a business meeting for elections, but I heard everyone had an enjoyable time.

For February 13th, 2010 meeting, Georgia Kinney Bopp, Hawai'i Regional Coordinator for the International Society of Genetic Genealogy, will talk about what's new in genetic genealogy.  There is lots of news to discuss and this will be a great time to ask Georgia questions about DNA research projects.

And get ready for an interesting March 13th meeting when noted author, Ellie Nordyke, will present "Pacific Images - Views from Captain Cook's Third Voyage." This visual presentation brings the earliest illustrations and descriptions of Pacific peoples and cultures as they were observed and recorded on Captain Cook's third and final voyage (1776-1780) with the HMS Resolution and Discovery. Ellie is an accomplished Population Researcher, a research fellow and public health nurse.  She is a graduate of Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Univ of Hawaii.    Ellie takes us back to Cook's birth in England and any genealogist can certainly relate to the joy of discovering the places in England that Cook knew while growing up.  In addition, those with Polynesian roots can see some of the earliest representations of Polynesians by a European.

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