Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HCGS Feb 13, 2010 - "What's New In Genetic Genealogy"

Harriet Hoffman supplied the following notes and pictures from the Genealogy Society meeting which I was unable to attend because I was in Haiti.  Thanks Harriet.
  Georgia and Tom Bopp gave a presentation on Genealogical DNA  "23 And Me" autosomal DNA:
23 and me autosomal DNA        join free
23 sets of chromosomes
STR = short tandum repeat
SNP’s haplogroup single nuclear??
Haplogroup is predicted y STR’s
Haplogroups ancient ancestry over 1,000 years used for anthropolicagl study
30 groups of men came from 1 male in Africa
30 groups of woman came from 1 woman in Africa
Haplotype is a series of numbers
STR’s referring to YDNA
Non-paternal event
Sorenson Lab testing

Georgia Bopp  - Genealogy DNA presentation

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