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Apr 9, 2011 HCGS Meeting & Attie Aletha Acers

The April meeting of the Honolulu County Genealogical Society proved to be interesting, educational and very entertaining.  Martha Reamy spoke to the beginning genealogists passing out forms where they could begin recording their famiy tree.  A short U-Tube video was viewed made by the National Genealogical Society about "Getting Started" in genealogy.  Using the Clear-Wire wireless internet router, those with their own laptop computers could follow the searches shown through the main digital projector, thanks to the efforts of Lenore Hansen and Bob Stevens.

        ------Susan Victor giving her presentation about her grandmother "Letha"
With an audience of about 30 members and guests, member Susan Victor made a presentation via DVD about her grandmother Attie Aletha Acers Steele Burgess.  With the help of her nephew, and other friends and relatives, Susan, used photos, videos and narrations about her grandmother's life to creat a multi-media presentatio.  She used audio bites coaxed from present day descendants to give voices to the video show.  
Attie Acer Steele

Rollo Steele
Attie Aletha Acers was born about 1881 at her grandparents home in Delaware Co., Iowa, returning with her mother to their Nebraska homestead, near Concord, soon after.  With aspiratons to be a teacher she attended Wayne (Neb) Normal School, now Wayne State College.  She was hired to teach at a rural school  and boarded with a farm family of German immigrants while teaching.  Soon, at age 18, on May 3, 1899 she married Rollo Steele a businessman at the Sioux City stockyards.  The couple spent eight years on a ranch in Charles Mix Co., SD on an Indian reservation.  There their son, Harold, learned to speak the Sioux language before he could speak English. She also had daughters, Margaret, and Alice.   The Steeles moved from the ranch to Wagner, SD, then to Sioux City in 1918.  Her husband died in 1945, but in 1954, when she was 72, she married Charles Burgess and she relocated to Long Beach, California.  After he died in 1966 she returned to Sioux City in 1975. At age 99 the Sioux City Journal wrote an article about her.  She was a unique and independent individual, keeping up with modern trends, writing poetry and prose, and practicing yoga on the beach in Long Beach, when she lived there. 
  Below are photos from her family album:

At a table display Susan showed examples of her grandmother's needlework and sewing abilities, old photo album, and genealogical charts. Susan even brought refreshments of various cakes and fruits that were reminiscent of both of her grandmothers, one Grandma Attie, who ate a healthy diet, and of her other grandmother who hadn't thought of that. All was delicious, including "Depression Cake" , no-bake fruit bars, and the healthy fresh Hawaiian pineapple.
Linens made by Letha

 "Letha" Acers Burgess age 99 yr
Refreshments based on Family Recipes

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