Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HCGS May 2011 Meeting - "Organizing Your Family Photos"

Genealogist Richard Souther, at the May meeting of Honolulu County Genealogical Society, presented a power point presentation on "Organizing Your Family Photos."  Richard used his ancestors' photos, including Francis Lincoln Souther, the first victim of enemy fire in the Civil War at Big Bethel, VA, to illustrate the various problems and solutions of saving, organizing and using photos.  How to label your photos was the highlight with many in the audience needing solutions to their labeling dilemas.  And a nice way to index photos is using Microsoft Word for a way to index your thumbnail photos.  Photos are essential for displays at reundions and various ways was shown, including a collection from youngest to oldest photos of one individual and a collage of family photos.  Storage of your precious photos was also discussed.  

Richard Souther  presentating "Organizing Your Family Photos"

Half of the audience as Richard does his presentation

A labeling system using portrait of Cornelia Woodruff Casterline

Francis Lincoln Souther portrait in a frame
Richard recently received a software photo program called ProShow Gold 4.5 which can be used to create a custom and enjoyable slide show with narration, titles, music, etc.  He showed just the first part of "The Story of Wong Yuen... Journey to Gold Mountain" a photos show by his friend Chauncey Tracy Wong Yuen created in ProShow Gold software.  Everyone was mesmerized by the show and is hopeful that Chauncey can join the club sometime in the future and discuss the entire story he told and discuss how to use ProShow Gold or other photo software for telling their ancestors' stories.

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