Friday, May 31, 2013

HCGS June Mtg -Writing Obituaries

     The June 8th meeting of the Honolulu County Genealogical Society met at the Manoa Gardens community room at 2790 Kahaloa Dr. in Manoa Valley, Honolulu, at 9am.
    Kathy Hudson presided over the meeting and led a discussion/workshop on obituaries. Members were advided to come prepared to write their own!
Kathy Hudson giving presentation
   Some of the information Kathy gave included the following:
Writing an obituary, your own or someone else’s
The internet abounds with sites on this subject.  Here are a few:
 A template for an obituary (just the basics):
NAME, AGE, of RESIDENCE, died (passed away, went to heaven, called home, etc.), DATE (cause of death optional).

HE/SHE was born (PLACE, DATE OF BIRTH, PARENTS). NAME graduated from SCHOOL and received DEGREE from SCHOOL. HE/SHE was married to SPOUSE'S NAME (date of wedding optional).

INSERT OPTIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION HERE: Employment history, accomplishments, organizations, activities, etc.

HE/SHE was survived by CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, ETC. (Make sure to separate each entry with a semicolon or it can get messy.)

Funeral arrangements will be held TIME, DATE and PLACE

Writing your own obituary provides the opportunity to express what you want others to know about you and your life.  It also provides the chance to examine your own life and think about the things you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. 
        Susan Victor stayed with the theme and made cookies for refreshments that looked like little tombstones.

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