Tuesday, May 31, 2016

HCGS Meeting 11 June 2016 - Dudoit & Mossman European Roots

The Honolulu County Genealogical Society met on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at a new, site.
The program was:
           “Hawaiians and their European Ancestry”  
              - by Godfrey and Kathy Kaonohi 
Godtrey Kaonohi, presenting "Our European Roots" by Mossman Dudoit.  He's descended from first French Consul to Hawai'i, Capt. Jules Dudoit and his wife, daughter of another sea captain, Anne Corney.  Captain Corney is documented in Early Voyages of the North Pacific.

Godfrey said he started by going to the Board of Health for birth certificates.  He also went to Bishop Museum, not only for further information, but to see the medals awarded Dudoit by the French government under Napoleon III.  The LDS Kane'ohe Family History Center was another good resource he used.

Kathy Kaonohi, his wife, presented the Mossman Family in Hawai'i, descended from Capt. Thomas Mossman and Mary Ann Lewis, from Berwick, GB.  Twenty-six Mossmans from Hawai'i all went to Berwick Upon Tweed on the English-Scottish border to trace their roots  They also visited Bretons in Monmouth, England.

The meeting and featured program began at 9 am with the featured program.

 Kathy Hudson presided.

New Location information:
 The June 11th meeting was at the Keola Hoʻonanea Senior Housing at 1465 Aʻala St., Honolulu 96817.
   The building has a newly-renovated, wi-fi enabled meeting room able to accommodate a group our size, although smaller than Manoa Gardens. There is a kitchen where snacks can be eaten.  Food is not allowed in the meeting room.  The room is available at no cost to nonprofits, so that’s good.  I sent them a $25 deposit for cleaning fee, so we need to be sure to clean up after ourselves, as we always do.
  The high rise is centrally located between N School St and N Vineyard St. and between Liliha St and Nuuanu Ave.  It’s across the river (Nuuanu Steam) from Foster Botanical Garden and next to the H1.   It’s a seven-minute walk from the bus stop on Liliha Street and Vineyard.  
  There is on street parking on A’ala or Vineyard, but may be hard to find a spot on Saturdays (empty on week days).  The A’ala street parking is metered, but it is supposed to be free on Saturday and Sundays.   Car-pooling is the best idea, and arrive early to find somewhere to park.   There is a loading area by the door for those to unloading refreshments, or projector, etc.   A handicap parking space may be available.
  Mahalo to Stanley Yon, for arranging things, and also Judi Moore and Joyce Garnes for meeting with Stanley at the Keola Ho’onanea Sr. Housing to check it out with the resident manager.  Stanley will be responsible for unlocking and locking the room.   Thanks to Martha Reamy for coordinating the search for the new meeting place.  And to Faith for the picture are directions from Wilson Tunnel. 

  Here is a map of the location at 1465 A’ala Street.  You can look it up on Google maps and get a good idea what it looks like and where it’s located.  

Keola Hoʻonanea Senior Housing

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