Wednesday, February 1, 2017

HCGS Feb 11, 2017 mtg - "Case of the Missing Opera Singer"

The February meeting of the Honolulu County Genealogical Society met at Keola Ho’onanea Senior Housing at 1465 A’ala St Honolulu  Time is 9 am Sept 11, 2017.  Mickey Lasco arranged a good presentation "Case of the Missing Opera Singer"
"Case of the Missing Opera Singer"  by Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt presented his research on following the path of his father’s side ancestor’s life. Curiosity drove him to explore the ancestor’s opera singer first wife and what became of her.   The question remains whether there was an annulment or divorce between Mary E. Quigley, the opera singer and Robert’s ancestor. Robert’s journey followed both people through exploring census records, marriage records, directories, travel to small town Lake Spirit, Idaho where his ancestor bought and sold a hospital (now an apartment building) and many more twist and turns including google. Mary apparently never remarried and followed her career but did have a partner/friend being named as “love of his life” in the obit of her friend Daniel. Robert found her grave where her parents were also buried.  She apparently stayed in Philadelphia while his ancestor moved on to and interesting life as a physician.   Robert’s story led to how other mysteries were being solved.  

"Look to the Neighbors for Clues" by Mickey Lasco
Mickey Lasco shared and unexpected break in a mystery that had persisted for 25 years.  This was solved by looking at neighbors who after parents had died took a child in to raise and he changed his name to that of his new family.  Moral to the story - always look at the neighbors - they may be relatives or very good friends who may know something.

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Aloha Donna! I recently joined and enjoyed everyone's presentation. But can you list the officers from last month's election. Mahalo, Ellen